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Exam Proctoring

Testing Procedures

In support of life-long learning, the Grosse Pointe Public Library proctors exams as a public service. This service is free and available to cardholders and guest patrons of the library. Exam proctoring is coordinated by the Operations Manager. It is the student's responsibility to verify that the proctoring conditions provided by the Library meet all requirements of the institution administering the exam.

The student will:

  • Complete a request for proctoring service before any examination is sent to the library by the student's educational institution or potential employer. The library requires the student's name, telephone number and email address as well as the name of the college or institution.
  • Call to verify that the Library has received the examination.
  • Bring appropriate photo ID to the Library on the scheduled exam day.
  • Comply with the agreed upon test date and time for each proctoring session. The Library reserves the right to invalidate the exam without contacting the student if the appointment has been missed.
  • Give the Library at least 5 days notice prior to taking the exam.
  • Allow sufficient time to take the exam before the deadline that has been established by the institution or association.
  • Allow adequate time to complete the exam. Exams cannot be scheduled during the last hour the Library is open.
  • Come prepared with the necessary or required supplies to take the exam.
  • If return postage is not prepaid, postage to return the examination is the student's responsibility.
  • Ascertain that the completed test was received by the testing institution.

Proctoring is offered during limited hours, and is available by appointment only. To request proctoring services please fill out the request or contact Kim Hart at

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