Thoughts to Action

WHAT: GPPL’s Thoughts to Action Book Club seeks to provide our community with a way to explore current social issues in a meaningful way. Every six months we read one culturally relevant book and then meet monthly to discuss, plan, and carry out a community project based on the book’s message.

THE BOOK:  Caste: the Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson

WHEN:  Thursday, 7 p.m. via Zoom
January 28: Discussing Caste, Parts 1-3; Presentation on Electoral College
February 25: Discussing Caste, Parts 4-5; Action plan
March 25: Discussing Caste, Parts 6-7
April 29
May 27
June 24



January Meeting Notes

The group discussed Parts 1-3 (notes) of Caste and listened to a presentation about the electoral college. Below are links to some of the things we discussed as well as other helpful resources.

Action to Take:

  1. Talk to someone you know about what you've learned in the book
  2. Write down 3 things you as individual or part of a larger group could do to challenge the caste system in the U.S.

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February Meeting Notes

The group discussed Parts 4-5 of Caste.

Action to Take:

  1. Sign up for the GP Historical Societies Lecture on Grosse Pointe's Real Estate Point System & Ethnic Diversity in the 1960s here 
  2. Look into WeGP, Justice is the Pointe: or the MLPP Racial Equity Challenge

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    March Meeting Notes

    The group discussed our final impressions Caste and possible actions to pursue, including reaching out to our local representatives, getting bystander intervention training, and hosting a community wide art event.

    Action to Take:

    1. Keep reading interesting and enlightening stuff and sharing it!
    2. Attend a virtual town hall meeting or program about racism (see below)
    3. Shop at Metro-Detroit black-owned businesses, like member suggested business Five Star Cake Co. in Roseville
    4. Contact local representative about voter suppression

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